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Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (2006-2007) (Stanford)

Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (2007-2008) (Stanford)

Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (2008-2009) (Stanford)

Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (2009-2010) (Stanford)

Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition (Stanford)

Creating Video Games (M-I-T)

Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (2007-2008) (Stanford)

Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (2008-2009) (Stanford)

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (Fall 2008 MIT)

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python . Fall 2016 (MIT)

Introduction to Robotics (Stanford)

Machine Learning (Stanford)

Programming Abstractions (Stanford)

Programming Methodology (Stanford)

Programming Paradigms (Stanford)

Computing (K-A)

Programming for the Puzzled (January IAP 2018) (M-I-T)

Introduction to Programming (V-U)

Reinforcement Learning (Stanford)

Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning (Winter 2019) (Stanford)

Deep Learning (Stanford)

Natural Language Understanding (Stanford)

Advanced Algorithms (Harvard)

Introduction to Computer Science (2019) (Harvard)

Deep Learning (Oxford)

Deep Learning (MIT)

The Battlecode Programming Competition (M-I-T)

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (M-I-T)

Introduction to Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (M-I-T)

Mathematics for Computer Science (Spring 2015) (M-I-T)

Computer Systems Security (M-I-T)

Advanced Data Structures (M-I-T)

The Society of Mind (M-I-T)

Understanding Technology (Harvard)

Computer Science for Business Professionals (Harvard)

Data Communication (2018) (V-U)

Cloud Computing (V-U)

Fundamentals of Front End Development (2016) (V-U)

Database Programming using Oracle 11g (V-U)

Routing and Switching (V-U)

Network Modeling and Simulation (V-U)

Software Architecture and Design (V-U)

Data Mining (V-U)

Software Quality Engineering (V-U)

Introduction to Network Design and Analysis (V-U)

Introduction to Web Services Development (V-U)

Network Security (2017) (V-U)

Information Retrieval Techniques (V-U)

Advanced Computer Networks (V-U)

Network Performance Evaluation (V-U)

Formal Methods for Software Engineering (V-U)

Software Requirement Engineering (2009) (V-U)

Computer Engineering

Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design (V-U)

Theory of Computation (V-U)

Data Warehousing (V-U)

Computer Network (V-U)

Compiler Construction (V-U)

Software Engineering II (V-U)

Visual Programming (2014) (V-U)

Blockchain and Money (M-I-T)

Introduction to Algorithms, Fall 2011 (M-I-T)

Underactuated Robotics, Spring 2009 (M-I-T)

Advance Computer Architecture (V-U)

Data Communication (V-U)

Data Structures (V-U)

Software Design (V-U)

Object Oriented Programming (V-U)

Network Security (V-U)

IPhone Application Programming (Spring 2009) (Stanford)

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (Spring 2011) (M-I-T)

Human Computer Interaction Seminar (2009-2010) (Stanford)

Computer Graphics (V-U)

Introduction to EECS II: Digital Communication Systems (M-I-T)

E-Commerce (V-U)

Fundamentals of Algorithms (V-U)

Information Systems (V-U)

Artificaial Intelligence (M-I-T)

Introduction to Computing (V-U)

Mobile And Pervasive Computing (V-U)

Modern Programming Languages (V-U)

Software Process Improvement (V-U)

Software Project Management (V-U)

Software Quality Assurance (V-U)

System Programming (V-U)

Theory of Automata (V-U)

Visual Programming (V-U)

Wireless Networks (V-U)

Human Computer Interaction (V-U)

Probability Stochastic Process (V-U)

Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science, Fall 2016 (M-I-T)

Introduction to Neural Computation (M-I-T)

Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning (M-I-T)

Become a Front-End Web Developer (Udacity)

Database Management Systems (V-U)

Distributed DBMS (V-U)

Operating Systems (V-U)

Digital Logic Design (V-U)

Computer System Engineering (M-I-T)

Writing and Hosting the Educational Show (M-I-T)

Information Security (V-U)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (M-I-T)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 

Basic and Health Sciences

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