The L.E.J. Knowledge Hub offers unique opportunities of learning from the experts in various fields by providing mentoring services on payment basis.

If you decide to seek the help of a mentor for any specific course, kindly follow the instructions provided with every course/lecture.

The L.E.J. Knowledge Hub will assign a mentor within seven days of your required course subscription and provide you his/her name, qualification and email ID for the direct interaction.

If you accept the assigned mentor, then a payment need to be made. After that you would be interacting closely with the assigned mentor. A formal feedback will be required after conclusion of the mentorship.

After the successful completion of mentorship session, an assessment will be carried out by L.E.J. learning platform by interactive web-based exam.

After successful assessment, certificate of completion will be issued by L.E.J. National Science Information Center (University of Karachi) electronically and by mail.